Belid Picasso pendent over a desk

Light from Sweden

Belid Cato floor lamp in brass

Locally crafted in Sweden

We are exceptionally proud of the fact that all of the lamps produced by Belid are manufactured in our own factory here in Varberg, Sweden. We have our own design and construction department, prototype workshop, sewing studio and metal work department. Our commitment to our products is clear to see in their journey from idea to finished product, resulting in lamps characterised by genuine craftmanship and high quality.

Belid Gloria pendant in a living room

Scandianvian Design

Our range is characterised by classic Scandinavian design incorporating clean, stripped back lines, simple shapes and functionality. Together these elements combine to create timeless lamps for all rooms, environments and contexts.  Included in the range are our contemporary and popular classics such as Gloria, Picasso, Cato and Diablo.

Workplace lighting over desk

The best way to light up your home office

Do you have the right lighting when you work from home, or do you let the kitchen lamp act as workplace lighting? To have the wrong lighting when we work does not only make your eyes tired, it also makes you more tired during the day and you will have a harder time falling asleep at night. When working from home we spend even more time looking at the screen since meetings also take place online. So how should you do?

When you plan and chose your lamps for your workplace at home there are a few things to consider. It is important to have the right light in the right place in order to be able to work well. The right lighting is important to us people, and research shows that the right lighting makes us healthier, happier and more efficient.

A good workplace lighting should have both up and down facing light. The best thing is if you can adjust it yourself, depending on what work you perform. Besides, you often need more light than you realise.

We want to give you some tips on how to best lighten your workplace at home, in order to get the optimal light, regardless if you sit at a desk, kitchen table or in the sofa.

Here are our top five tips!

  • The lamps should be placed correctly. A ceiling armature should be placed directly above the edge of the desk, closest to you, parallel with the desk.
  • A table lamp should light up the workplace evenly. The light should come from the left if you are right handed.
  • Light from windows should not dazzle you or reflect the light.
  • The daylight should come from the side, in order not to dazzle you.
  • The light from the armature should not dazzle or distrurb you.

We also want to give you some tips on great lamps that work well at your workplace. The table lamps Vincent, Cato, Deluxe and Frank 2.0 are perfect on your desk. When it comes to ceiling lamps we have stylish Fold Office and Fold Linear both with unique details and modern technology.

Good luck!

Boo outdoor collection


Belid are pleased to be launching a new family to our outdoor lighting range - Boo. Made in Varberg using Swedish-cast recycled aluminium and designed by Thomas Sandell, the Boo outdoor lamps are a timeless classic. With organic design and Swedish craftsmanship, Thomas Sandell’s first collaboration with Belid launches with two designs, a wall lamp with upward and downward lighting and a bollard.