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Belid Picasso pendent over a desk

Light from Sweden

Belid Cato floor lamp in brass

Locally crafted in Sweden

We are exceptionally proud of the fact that all of the lamps produced by Belid are manufactured in our own factory here in Varberg, Sweden. We have our own design and construction department, prototype workshop, sewing studio and metal work department. Our commitment to our products is clear to see in their journey from idea to finished product, resulting in lamps characterised by genuine craftmanship and high quality.

Belid Gloria pendant in a living room

Scandianvian Design

Our range is characterised by classic Scandinavian design incorporating clean, stripped back lines, simple shapes and functionality. Together these elements combine to create timeless lamps for all rooms, environments and contexts.  Included in the range are our contemporary and popular classics such as Gloria, Picasso, Cato and Diablo.

Designporträtt Joakim Fihn

Designer profile Joakim Fihn

As a student at HDK in Gothenburg, Joakim Fihn had his sights set on one workplace after graduation - Belid Lighting Group. After a visit to Belid's factory, Joakim was both inspired and impressed by the opportunities of having manufacturing, offices, design teams and project managers all under one roof. Shortly after completing his thesis, Belid became Joakim's workplace, and he has been there for 15 years. Today, Joakim works as an in-house designer, responsible for the development of Belid's product range.

Of all the Belid lamps you have created over the years, which product are you most proud of?

  • I would have to say Diablo. It has become somewhat of a Belid classic and has also been developed in several new colors. However, the original color scheme is still the most popular. I really like Diablo's contrasting shape. There is a beautiful play of light between the shades, and the lamp looks just as good when it's on as when it's off.

What do you think makes a product a classic?

  • If we knew that, it would be easy! But I would say a good balance between timelessness and innovation, with a touch of boldness. And of course, excellent quality is essential. It's a prerequisite for a product to be able to live on for generations and perhaps be sold at an auction 50 years from now.

What is the creative process like when you design a new product?

  • I draw inspiration from everywhere. It could be a detail in everyday life or an exciting shape from nature. Then I sketch a first design, some I move forward with, but many remain just a sketch on paper. I know the factory inside and out, so I know what is possible and which ideas can be taken all the way to a finished lamp. The sketches that I decide to move forward with are digitally drawn in 3D, which gives everyone involved a good sense of what the final lamp will look like.

What is your best lighting tip?

  • Don't just use one light source in a room. Use several different fixtures placed at different heights to create dynamics in the room. A room should not be evenly lit; look at nature - we encounter light in many different ways. So, think spatially when lighting a room.

You are currently releasing the Horisont series in the spring of 2023. Can you tell us more about it?

  • Horisont is a new series of lighting consisting of a pendant, a floor lamp, and two table lamps in different sizes. The name comes from the horizon of the sea, which is reflected in the horizontal lines of the design. I grew up by the sea, and that horizon does something to you. Belid's connection to Varberg and the coast is also a source of inspiration for the name. I would describe the lamp as classically modern - there is a classic basic shape with a modern, slim expression. The color, champagne metal, is sober and contributes to both timelessness and a grounding in the present.

Do you think Horisont will become a future classic?

  • We hope so! It certainly has the potential to be one.
Horisont - the collection of lamps from Belid


Our new Horizon collection is a tribute to the coastline, where the name is reflected in both form and origin in Varberg, where we were founded and have been manufacturing since 1969. The Horizon collection is an equally modern and timeless series of ceiling lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. All lamps in the collection are available in a metallic champagne color that adds an elegant touch to your home.