Sinne Vägglampa G9


Technical specification +

Type of switch:
On cable
Watt max:
10 W
10 W
170 mm
135 mm
20 IP
230 V
Cable length:
2.2 m, 0-0 m

Virtual products

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  • Total: 6

Sinne Vägglampa G9

With a fundemental idea of a classic elliptical shape, Sinne sits close to the wall and gives a more slim appearance. To give Sinne more personality we have chosen to break up the elliptical shape with a certain angularity. The luminaire also has beveled ends which allow the fine inside to be visible. The inside is hand painted in a contrasting color to create depth, a more open inviting shape and pleasing light effect. The color range chosen is of an earthy and nature-like character. Sinne gives a decorative directed up and down light with a wide angle. The series is designed for halls, corridors and stairs and other spaces where a compact luminaire is desired.

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