Studio Flex pendel

Studio Flex pendel

Studio flex delivered with ceiling cup and 4 m white cord with wire. Diffuser included to all sizes. The shades height is flexible between 300-700 mm. Light source is not included. 

Studio Flex is suited for hook and icludes a flexible ceiling cup that allows a 0-15°, angle of ceiling, 1.5 m transparnet cord. Miniumum recommended distance from ceiling 400 mm.

E27 with max 3x75W

Studio Flex is as the name reviles, the flexible size textile pendant. Mix different sizes of pendants in the same environment to create a cosy feelin even for public environments with high ceilings. At special request, we send a quotation will work with you to find a good solution for the project. 

T1979 - Ø 500 mm H > 300 < 700  Socket E27, Max 3x75W 
T1980 - Ø 690 mm H > 300 < 700  Socket E27, Max 3x75W
T1981 -  Ø 840 mm H > 300 < 700  Socket E27, Max 3x75W 
T1982 - Ø 990 mm H > 300 < 700  Socket E27, Max 3x75W  
T1983 - Ø 1140 mm H > 300 < 700  Socket E27, Max 3x75W  

249 - Black linen 
252 - White linen
255 - Nature linen 
270 - Red linen 


Product type Pendant Lamps
Brand Belid
Affärsområde Pro
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